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Podrobný plán v slovenskom jazyku si môžete pozrieť tu.


TOTAL 68 Lessons (68 hodín)


up to 70 games and activities, role plays, competitons, presentation, riddles, stories, fables, cartoons, carnival, disco, creative work (do 70 hier a aktivít, hranie rolí, súťaže, prezentácia, hádanky, rozprávky, bájky,  karneval, disko, tvorivá činnosť)

up to 30 songs (piesní)

3 trips (výlety)

Deti zbierajú na hodinách mince poznania a odmenou im bude veľký poklad !



October – December 2016 (22 lessons)


Lesson 1: Hello. Nice to meet you. What is your name? I am ......Bye, bye with FROG :-)

Lesson 2: Good morning, Good afternoom, Good night, song Are you sleeping? game Little house.

Lesson 3: The sun, the stars, the moon, creative activities, Song Twinkle, twinkle little star

Lesson 4: Hide and seek. Who is it? game, I am, I am not. Games. Three blind mice song

Lesson 5: Games, competition, sport activities. I am a boy/girl.

Lesson 6: Family song. Mother, father, sister, brother. Drawing. Presentation to others.

Lesson 7: Finger song. Daddy, mummy. Creative activity. My name is Emily song. Spievankovo 4.

Lesson 8: Make our own dream family. Exchanging the positions game. Make figures of your family.

Lesson 9: Toys: teddy,doll, my favourite toy, games, song

Lesson 10: What is it? It is .... Animal families, Bingo, Song Old MacDonald,

Lesson 11: Animal farm puppet show, Song Old MacDonald – our recorded version

Lesson 12: Role play riddles, It is a/an ........? Yes, no wolf is chasing animals game+competition

Lesson 13: Wild animals: In the Circus, games, song CD Veselá angličtina 2, M.Podhradská

Lesson 14: Animals: shadow theatre, creative work, interactive game

Lesson 15: Message game, pexeso, jokes and riddles about animals

Lesson 16: What is it? Is it a/an ......?Vehicles: dream town

Lesson 17: Where is ........?  Here/There... Animals get on the bus and plain!

Wheels on The Bus song, we are playing the bus, What can happen - plain

Lesson 18: We will go by train song CD Veselá angličtina 1. (Mária Podhradská), We are travelling by train. Row, Row, Row your boat song, boat – fun activity, We are the cars – crazy activity, UFO flying

Lesson 19: Weather – snow, rain, wind, sun, songs:Itsy Bitsy spider,

Lesson 20: Seasons – pictures, drawing the tree, making snow flakes, making a snowman

Lesson 21: What do you wish for Christmas? Christmas songs.

Lesson 22: Christmas, Bethlehem, song: Jingle Bells, making presents and decoration


The trip to Stupava/ Live Bethlehem


January – March 2017 (22 lessons)


Lesson 23: Our rainbow: What colour is it? It´s ... Animals + colours activities

Lesson 24: Colours song, Cd Veselá angličtina 1, M.Podhradská, DVD M.Podhradská Spievankovo 4

Lesson 25: Learn train – colours, I have... Make up the face, draw and mix colours

Lesson 26: Pexeso, message game about colours, revision of colours using Montessori 

Lesson 27: Song, pins, revision of colours using Montessori, brain competition

Lesson 28: Song, Numbers: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 picking mushrooms, Song by Mária Podhradská about numbers

Lesson 29: Numbers 1-10: the Fish song+catching the fish

Lesson 30: Carnival: 10little indians/Pandas, 10 little monkeys jumping

Lesson 31: Competition (Numbers+colours+animals) using pictures, toys, clay and Montessori

Lesson 32: Playing pins, revision of numbers+colours, strike, spare, ready steady go!

Lesson 33: Revison of numbers+colous+animals using pexeso and message game, songs to revise

Lesson 34: How old are you? I am....activities, role play

Lesson 35: How old are you? I am....other activities

Lesson 36: Games: Family in the fruits/vegetable restaurant, Hello, thank you, please.

Lesson 37: In the paradise – fruits, Plural using s. quess what fruit/vegetable it is – tasting with closed eyes

Lesson 38: Song activities: I like bananas, Veselá angličtina 2, M.Podhradská, recording and competition

Lesson 39: Food+drings Let´s have a picnic! Are you hungry? +food DVD M.Podhradská Spievankovo 4

Lesson 40: A spoon, a fork, a knife, a glass – my favourite food and drink

Lesson 41: Daddy´s, Mummy´s room in the house, look up my dream house, smart board

Lesson 42: House, rooms, furniture

Lesson 43: Message game, pexeso to revise, smart board

Lesson 44: Cartoon+revision


A trip according to our agreement


April 2017 – June 2017 (24 lessons)


Lesson 45: How are you? I am ......, thank you, Song M.Podhradská CD Veselá angličtina 1

Lesson 46: Artetheraphy draw, paint your emotion. Creative work – Easter eggs.

Lesson 47: Why do we celebrate Easter? Calvary. Customs, creative work.

Lesson 48: Emotions: show me how to act: happy, sad, mad, angry, sleepy. Wake up!

Lesson 49: If you are happy song+ other emotions in the song - educational point

Lesson 50: Head, shourders, knees and toes, eyes, ears, mouth, nose song exercise

Lesson 51:  Simon says....body parts, practise on a doll/teddy

Lesson 52: The Hokey Pokey song – dancing, games: hands on hands, foot on foot,

Lesson 53: Shapes, making robot, Shapes song

Lesson 54: Present for our mothers, Revision emotions+star+moon+sun+shapes: faces on the paper, creative work

Lesson 55: Clothes boys/girls, Get dressed

Lesson 56: Body parts, face + adjectives,  create a monster, presentation to others, make a voice

Lesson 57: Adjectives Red hood story, reading the book + related activities

Lesson 58: Opposites – Story about two dogs

Lesson 59: It´s a ball, It´s ball catch it game, The big monster chasing the small dwarf,

Lesson 60: Commands: sit down, stand up, sleep, jump, run, walk Simon says+exercise

Lesson 61: Circle exercise+puppet show+qickly/slowly (song M.Podhradská Slowly, qiuckly, Vecelá angličtina 2)

Lesson 62: Can an elephant jump? Song + revision

Lesson 63: Can you  ....? Yes I can, No I can´t ...., Show out talent to our fathers

Lesson 64: I am the music man song + activities with musical instruments

Lesson 65: The best musician Stop, play, unusual musical instrument

Lesson 66: Occupations – role plays

Lesson 67: Summer holidays – travelling, weather, What I need for a beach?

Lesson 68: Revision


A final trip